The Floresville City Cemetery is located in southern Floresville at the intersection of Loop 181 South and Paloma Drive.

Terms of Sale & Fee Schedule

Upon receipt of full payment, the City of Floresville shall execute a deed of conveyance of lot(s) to purchaser. No refunds for any reason. Only residents of the City of Floresville may purchase lots in the City Cemetery.

Standard Non-Veteran Burial Plot: $700
Double Stacked Non-Veteran Burial Plot: $1,000
Standard Veteran Burial Plot: $100
Double Stacked Veteran Burial Plot: $150
Floresville First Responder (at least three years duty): $100
Floresville First Responder or Member of Armed Forces Killed in Line of Duty: $0

Transfer & Resale

Burial lots may be resold. A recording fee set by the Wilson County Clerk shall be charged for recording any change in title or ownership of any lot after initial conveyance by City. No lot purchased for a veteran  burial or dependent of a veteran burial may be transferred to a non-veteran; proof of service must be provided at time of transfer.


A permit in writing shall be obtained from the City Manager for all interments.

When an interment is to be made, the owner of the lot, or his agent, shall locate the site of the grave on the plat in the office of the City Manager and the City shall not be responsible for errors in location.

All graves shall be prepared under the direction of the City Manager, and each grave shall be a minimum of two feet below the surface of the ground, or other such depth as may be set forth by the laws of the State of Texas or prevailing practices.

No owner of any lot shall charge for any interment made thereon.

Any grave(s) that remain open after dark must be completely covered by a solid piece of 3/4-inch plywood or any other wood of equal or greater strength.

No dirt shall be spread upon the cemetery ground. Any dirt left on the grave site shall be at ground level. All excess dirt must be moved to an authorized place designated for such in the cemetery.

Monuments & Tombstones

All monuments and tombstones shall be set in concrete on a substantial concrete foundation.

The size of monuments and tombstones and all lettering shall be regulated as follows:

Upright monuments and tombstones shall not be larger than the following dimensions:
Single Monuments – Length – 30″ x Height – 30″ x Width – 16″
Double Monuments – Length – 94″ x Height – 36″ x Width – 16″

Surface monuments and tombstones shall not be larger than the following dimensions:
Single Monuments – Length – 24″ x Height – 24″ x Width – 16″
Double Monuments – Length – 48″ x Height – 24″ x Width – 16″

All surface monuments must be on ground level.

No curbing or fencing of any kind shall be allowed around any lot(s).

All setting and installation of monuments and tombstones shall be under the supervision of the City Manager or an appointed employee before work shall begin on any installation or setting of monuments or tombstones. A 24-hour notice must be given to the City Manager or appointed employee before work shall begin on any installation or setting of monuments or headstones.

The following blocks in the City Cemetery are designated for surface monuments only:

  • Section A-1 Blocks 5 & 6
  • Section A-2 Block 6
  • Section C-1 Blocks 1, 2, 3
  • Section C-2 Blocks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Rules & Regulations

The speed limit in the Cemetery shall not exceed 15 miles per hour.

Glass in any form (vases, figurines, bottles, etc.) shall not be permitted on or around grave sites.

Solar lights, LED lights, pinwheels, strobe lights, wind socks, decorative yard flags, and/or other objects which may potentially cause a disturbance to other cemetery visitors are not permitted at grave sites.

Trenching is not permitted around grave sites.

An American flag is permitted, but shall not exceed 24 inches in height.

Smoking at the cemetery, lighting of candles, and other use of flames that may cause a fire hazard are prohibited.

Drinking of alcoholic beverages within the Cemetery is prohibited.

Painted objects used as decorations are not permitted.

Trees, shrubs, and bushes must be approved by the City Manager or a designated individual and shall be maintained at the family of the deceased’s expense or removed by the City.

Curbing or grave marking with a stone, crushed rock, pine bark, mulch, or any other material that creates difficulty in grounds maintenance is prohibited.

Grave sites may not be covered with statues or benches unless such meet Cemetery requirements.

Flowers placed on grave sites shall remain property of the family of the deceased; however, the City assumes no liability for damages or less, and flowers shall be removed by City staff if not maintained in an appropriate manner.

Any items not in compliance with Cemetery rules shall be immediately removed by City staff.

Prohibited Acts

It is unlawful to write upon, deface, or in any manner injure any monument, marker, or other structure in the City Cemetery.

It is unlawful for any person other than the owner to remove flowers or plants, or disturb or deface any monument, from any lot in the City Cemetery, however, the City Manager, or designated person, may remove or destroy any items (including monuments, flags, flowers, trees, shrubs, or other plants) in the cemetery if, in his or her judgment, such items are in violation of Cemetery rules, or such items may become detrimental to the Cemetery.

It is unlawful for any person to loiter, loaf or commit any immoral act in the City Cemetery.

No grave, vault or tomb of any person buried in the City Cemetery shall be opened except upon special written order from the City Manager.

City Manager


2012 3rd Street
Floresville, TX 78114

Map & Directions