The Floresville Police Department maintains a reserve component to supplement our full-time staff when necessary. Reserve police officers are state-certified peace officers and have the same authority as full-time police officers. To become a reserve police officer, one must meet all of the requirements mandated by the State of Texas and must also meet all requirements set by the Floresville Police Department.

Reserve officers are required to donate 20 hours monthly to the police department. Assignments during these 20 hours will be determined by police administration but can be in:

  • Patrol
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Court Security
  • Warrants
  • Training
  • Special details as determined by Administration

Benefits of serving as a reserve officer:

  • Free training opportunities available
  • Employment opportunities (when available, the Floresville Police Department tries to hire from within our reserve force)
  • Entry-level commissioning to keep license active

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