Floresville Master Plan

The city of Floresville is a vibrant and growing community located in Wilson County, Texas. Situated strategically outside of San Antonio and just north of the oil and gas discoveries in the Eagle Ford Shale region, Floresville provides a culturally diverse home for an ever-growing number of residents looking to escape some of the big city bustle for a more intimate community.

In an effort to maintain the integrity of this community, city staff and officials have been working tirelessly to positively manage the growth which has already come and plan wisely for the future expansion of the city so that generations of future residents can continue to enjoy all of the aspects which make Floresville a great place to live. To that end, in the latter part of 2011 the city instructed M&S Engineering to complete a comprehensive master plan of the city. This master plan reviews the following six components of Floresville: population projections, road conditions, drinking water, wastewater, parks, and zoning.

Floresville Master Plan (2012)