by Gregory Ripps, Wilson County News

Floresville will host an event in a few weeks that will highlight two of the earliest European constructions in the area.

The Trail de Flores Chapter of the El Camino Real de los Tejas National Historic Trail Association plans to host the association’s annual meeting April 22-23 in Floresville.

The association, dedicated to preserving and promoting the “royal road” throughout Texas, has been working with a number of entities to make more sections of the trail “hikeable.” However, local chapter President Dave Regan notes that the association and the National Park Service have been taking a special interest in activity to develop the section of the trail in Wilson County.

According to Regan, recent developments involving the Floresville El Camino Trail — previously known as the Floresville Hike and Bike Trail — include:

  • Designating a section of the trail within Helton Nature Park
  • Installing interpretive panels at the head of the trail
  • Renewing pedestrian signs along the trail
  • Installing roadside trail-crossing and trailhead directional signs.

“The Trail de Flores Chapter has been spearheading these activities while assessing the feasibility of future trail expansion, making Floresville an ideal and deserving location for the association’s annual meeting,” Regan said….

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