UPDATE: Starbucks is now open!

The City of Floresville is proud to announce the addition of Starbucks to our community, in partnership with the Floresville Economic Development Corporation and keeping Floresville Strong.

Friday, September 18, 2020 at 10:00 am, marks a ground breaking celebration for a  Starbucks Store  for the Community, currently under construction on Hwy 181, Floresville, Texas. This project will create local jobs and support economic development.

The new location will include a team of new Starbucks partners (employees), many of whom will be from the Floresville, Wilson County area! Starbucks will utilize local community groups and civic leaders to provide a pathway to opportunity for its local partners through training and development, career options, and industry-leading benefits, which include comprehensive health-care. This new business will be an economic boost to the City of Floresville! The first year of the stores performance will translate to tens of thousands of dollars in added sales tax revenue and other increased tax revenue. Benjamin T. Reed, Floresville Economic Development Executive Director, states, “This is one of the many projects that are in the works, as we continue the partnership with the City of Floresville. With the addition of Starbucks to the area, this allows us to better compete with a different type of retailer. I wish to thank the developer and all the folks behind the scenes that made this happen.”