The City of Floresville has developed and maintains social media accounts for the purpose of informing and communicating with citizens, other stakeholders, and the public at large.

Limited Public Forum

All City of Floresville social media accounts are created and maintained as limited public forums. Members of the public are invited to view and, where possible, provide comments or other engagement relevant to the topic posted. By posting any content on any social media account maintained by the City of Floresville, users accept these Terms of Use.

For purposes of these Terms of Use, “Social Media” is a platform, website, or application offered to the public that provides audio, video, photographic, or written communication by other members of the public and/or representatives of certain groups, businesses, organizations, or departments. Examples of social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Nextdoor, and LinkedIn.

“User” is a member of the public who views or interacts with one or more City of Floresville social media accounts.

“Comments” include any digital content, information, links, images, videos, or any other form of communicative content posted by a user to a social media account maintained by the City of Floresville.

General Guidelines

These Terms of Use apply to all social media accounts maintained by the City of Floresville, including department-specific accounts. Where possible, a link to these Terms of Use will be made available as a hyperlink or posted as text on such accounts.

Social media posts by the City of Floresville, comments and replies to those posts, and any direct or private messages sent to the City of Floresville may be public records subject to applicable public records release.

The City of Floresville does not guarantee and typically does not respond to comments or messages sent or posted to social media accounts. To contact the City of Floresville, please do so by phone at (830) 393-3105 or via website at City of Floresville social media accounts are not constantly monitored, and no one should utilize social media to seek emergency services. For emergency help, please dial 911.


The City of Floresville believes that honest, civil, and productive discussions provide the best environment for citizens to understand the work of their government and participate in constructive engagement.

Any inclusion of external content or comments does not imply endorsement of, or agreement by the City of Floresville. Comments on City of Floresville social media accounts do not reflect the opinion or position of the City of Floresville, departments, officials, or employees.

All comments should be related to items within the authority or jurisdiction of the City of Floresville.

City of Floresville social media accounts may be viewed by children and other impressionable people. Please avoid profanity, personal attacks, bullying, off-topic discussions, or use of incorrect information.

Moderation of Content

The City of Floresville monitors the social media accounts it maintains and will remove inappropriate content as defined below without prior notice and as soon as possible. This material includes the following:

  • Comments directly advocating violence or illegal activity
  • Comments containing obscenity
  • Comments that directly promote or advocate illegal discrimination based on race, age, religion, gender, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other legally protected class
  • Comments that target or disparage any ethnic, racial, or religious group
  • Comments containing defamatory, harassment, or threatening content
  • Comments that include private, personally identifiable, confidential, or proprietary information
  • Comments that promote or oppose commercial services, products, political organizations, candidates for elective office, or ballot measures
  • Comments that contain images or other content that violates the intellectual property, legal ownership interest, or copyright of another party
  • Comments containing links to malware or malicious content that affects the normal functioning of a computer system, server, or browser
  • Comments that contain spam and/or bot-generated comments
  • Comments that contain a link or redirection to an external website or webpage containing any of the above prohibited content
  • Duplicate or repetitive comments

A user who has posted comments that contain prohibited content as determined by the City of Floresville may be blocked and/or banned from the social media account where the violations occurred. The City of Floresville reserves the right to report any violation of a social media platform’s community standards, terms of use, or equivalent agreement to that platform, with the intent of that platform taking appropriate and reasonable responsive action.